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Have the horror stories in the UK press concerning the demolition of 'illegally' built properties or the Land Grab cases led you to question a potential property purchase in Spain?

As a Buyers Agent we will be working for you ‘the buyer’ providing a service that will enable you to purchase your new Spanish property with total confidence and peace of mind.

We are not an Estate Agency and we do not sell properties, we help people to find and buy them.

Once our services have been retained our paramount priority will be the protection of your interests throughout the entire search process and purchasing procedure.

  • You will be instantly empowered with crucial knowledge of the regional property market 
  • You will benefit from our professional and objective advice.

Based on an in-depth understanding of your particular requirements we will conduct an extensive search of all reputable sources to find the most suitable properties for your individual portfolio. 

  • We do not list properties of any kind so we will not be pushing anything that we have a financially vested interest in selling
  • The independence that we maintain from estate agents and developers by not receiving commissions of any type, and the integrity with which we preserve this position, means that you will be guaranteed a full market search  
  • With no limits imposed on the search we will also investigate the significant number of properties advertised for sale on the private market
  • The abilty to speak Spanish in this region is essential in order to execute a thorough search, with our bilingual skills we are able to express clearly on your behalf your property requirements.

The use of our property service will save you time.

With today’s hectic lifestyle’s seemingly busier than ever it makes perfect sense to utilise a service that allows you to prioritise your free time for activities with the family and leisure pursuits.

  • You will not have to spend many weekends travelling to and from a foreign country in order to spend hours driving around an unfamiliar area as we will undertake all the laborious and time-consuming property hunting legwork
  • As well as visiting the offices of estate agents and developers we will arrange and perform the subsequent initial viewings to assess suitability.

This is not a property service that will leave you incapable of input and nor will you have a shortlist of random properties forced upon you that compromises your original specifications, you will be involved throughout the search with a final selection compiled to your complete satisfaction.

  • By providing you with detailed feedback of the inspections that we carry out you will be able to monitor and steer the search accordingly – feedback will be in the form of brief descriptive reports and photographic images
  • Only when you are satisfied with the bespoke portfolio that we have compiled on your behalf will you have to travel to the region to inspect the properties in person
  • We will accompany you on the property viewings to offer impartial advice and aid with any language translation necessary.

The use of our property service will save you money.

  • You will avoid the substantial costs of flights, car rentals and nights in hotels that are incurred over many often frustratingly fruitless weekend searches  
  • Due to our experience of the negotiating process and awareness of regional property costs our guidance will enable you to achieve the lowest possible purchase price.

We will ensure your security by helping you to appoint a trustworthy English speaking Spanish lawyer.

Relax with the knowledge that we will assist with the things such as your application for the obligatory NIE and the setting up of a Spanish bank account to pay the taxes and bills relating to the property.

To appreciate how valuable our assistance will be during the purchasing procedure please download a copy of the free guide offered below, it not only presents an overview of the process, listing some of the critical checks, but it also provides a breakdown of the costs involved.

Our service continues even beyond the legal completion of the purchase, we will help to organise the tedious matters such as utility registration and be on hand with support to sort out any issues that may arise.

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