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What is the charge for the property service? 

Our two-stage fee is purposefully transparent and at no point are there any hidden extras:

    1. An initial retainer fee of £600 is paid upon your signing of agreement with our Terms & Conditions.

    On property purchases over €200,000 this fee is refunded upon completion. Currency Converter

    The retainer fee demonstrates the serious intentions of your desire to find a property, once paid we will immediately set to work to create your bespoke portfolio of properties in accordance with the requirements you have provided.

    2. The second stage of the fee is charged at 2.5% of the final property purchase price and is only paid once the sale has been completed

If you wish to retain our services please proceed to the Initiate Search page in order to submit your property requirements.

Regional Tour

As mentioned in the Search Area page it is possible for us to offer you a tour of the region in order to pinpoint your desired location.
This additional service is offered at  £150 per day.

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